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What is possible on and around Sedliacky Dvor during the camping season?


  • A relaxing day. Peace and quiet in the orchard... Tranquility in the hammock between the old apple trees, at one of the shared wooden tables. Borrow a book in the int. library or a boardgame, enjoy a massage directly at the campsite (once a week).

  • Daytrip-box and Info-Wall. Full of trips and hikes, completely worked out for you! Choose a trip, take the leaflet with you, and your day is planned!! Nice and easy ...

  • Hiking, geocaching, mountainbiking. Start directly from the campsite. Kyra the camping dog, would surely like to accompany you on one of your hikes!

  • Cooking on the joint campfire. Outdoor cooking is part of a true camping experience. Pans and kettles with tripod can be borrowed for a small fee.

  • Organized trips. We like to take our guests on untouristic and typical Slovak trips, to let them experience pieces of true Slovak life and traditions! You could join a trip to find eatable mushrooms or herbs. There is a trip to a neighbour, where you could help making some traditional sheep-cheese. …. Almost famous is the trip to a local sheepfarm-in-the-wild, where you can see how the Slovak shepherds live and work with their 400-500 sheep in the hills behind the campsite. Unique experiences!

  • Meet-and-Greet with our animals. During your stay you will surely meet our sweet farmanimals (sheep, rabbits and chicken, pigs, cats and dogs) You will find that it is utterly relaxing being around them. In the high season the children can help feeding them every morning at 8.30 It has been proven to be the highlight of the day for most of the kids!

  • Farm-activities. You could join the farm activities, which can be a real countryside-experience…If you like you can help and learn how to make yogurt, pickles, marmelade, sirup or liqueur. Or join the workshop baking Slovak or Dutch sweet pastry.… Like to chop wood, pick fruit, get the hay inside? Yes you can :) 

  • Rainy day. Inside activity for the family: Borrow a raclette grill (2 pieces for 6 people available), a waffle iron or donut machine (recipe included!). Tasty activity ...  you could even share with the guests at the campsite :)

  • Really unwind, enjoy the impressive, wonderful view and the pure nature around you. (one of our specialties ...!)

Flowers in pans
Making slovak goulash in a cauldron on the campfire
Indoor campfire and tables
Hammock on Sedliacky Dvor
The best place to be... ...under the appletree! 
achtergrond 1.jpg

Hiking and mountainbiking: 

Bicycle and lamb on campsite
850 km of well marked mountainbike trails
(some directly from farm, trails can be used for hiking too)

As well as some hiking routes we´ve created ourselves. Marked with colors, and starting from the farm.

Available as a map or GPX file:

Orange Hike Route
Orange Route GPX File

Orange Hike - Geocaching

5,5 km; elevation 270m, marked white-orange

Wonderful varied hike through forests and meadows, with great view on the valley of Rohozná and the farm/campsite.

The same track is also used as a geocache trail with 15 caches. 

Blue Hike Route
Blue Hike GPX File

Blue Hike

11.5 km; 3-4 hours, partially marked

First part uphill over the mountain crest with stunning view over the valley of Rohozná, second part through the valley with small farms and meadows. Slovak countryfeeling ...

rood michalova.jpg
Red Hike GPX File

Red Hike

5,5 km, elevation 270m, marked white-red

This hike leads through dark forests and open meadows to the next Village, Michalová. At the point where you enter the forest you can search for edible mushrooms... 

HERE you can find more hikes, links and mountainbike routes starting from "basecamp".

nieuw randje 26 stuks 5000 108kb.jpg

Villagefairs, oxwagon competitions and folklore festivals

In the summer months there are often lively local festivals and village festivals in the area on weekends (see photo impressions). We announce these activities in a timely manner, so that you do not miss out on any of this beauty! The 3 major folk festivals (Heľpa, Východná and Detva) are in the last weekend of June and the first 2 weekends of July. Other events in summer include: scything competitions, (whoever cuts the cleanest and fastest m2, a real village event) tractor-pulling, old artisan crafts market, rodeo, farmers horse-and-carriage competitions (e.g. complete a course with 2 tree trunks of 12 meters). And in September there are harvest festivals in the surrounding villages.

At all these parties you can also taste traditional Slovak food ...

achtergrond 5.jpg

Rural activities and experiences, on and around Sedliacky Dvor

At the farm and campsite there are many seasonal farming activities; activities and tasks that are part of rural life. The processing of harvest into final product usually takes place in the kitchen in the Stodola. This way, there is immediately something nice to see at the campsite! You can come and see how it all works, and if you like, you can also lend us a hand. You will experience how wonderfully relaxing it can be to prepare this SLOW-products ... simple, but unique and wonderfully relaxing experiences! We not only process the harvest from our own garden, but we also live off and with nature and the meadows around us. This is often what the simple life in the Slovak countryside is like, and you can experience it with us in this way. We have traditional family recipes from the area available for the processing of the harvest. And if something special is about to happen (such as sheep shearing, or bringing in the hay) we will let you know!

What we process/make: Liquors and syrups from flowers and fruit, jams, pickles, homemade dandelion honey, apple juice, apple sauce, apple stuffing for pies, yogurt, thick curd cheese, Slovak sweet pastries, preserving fruit, drying herbs and edible mushrooms.

Organized trips and activities

We are particularly happy to introduce you to the traditions, old crafts, and "real pieces of Slovakia", such as a trip from the campsite to the Salaš (sheep farm): "see and taste the rough life of the shepherds in the hills behind the campsite".

  • From May to the end of September you can join us on a unique trip to an original SALAŠ, a Slovak sheep farm in the middle of the wilderness, in the hills behind the campsite. A unique and very traditional piece of Slovakia! Full explanation in your own language, see and experience everything, and of course, taste the cheeses and the milk.

  • If the weather permits, you can look for edible mushrooms in the meadows and forests behind the campsite in the summer months: umbrella mushrooms, baker's buns and chanterelles. This is the country's national hobby! Search, pick and then clean, bread / bake and taste!

  • Workshop Dutch pie baking ... As true Dutch-Limburgers and Dion as a graduated baker, there is no other way. Learn to bake your own "Limburg vlaai" in the Slovak countryside, the tasty result you can, of course, take home!
  • Come with us for an afternoon to our neighbor Matej further down the road. He has sheep and makes various traditional cheese products. His wife makes cheesecakes for parties ... So a lot to see, and of course to taste!
  • Jordi regularly prepares a delicious Slovak Gulaš on the campfire together with the guests. Tasty and relaxing ...
  • The local village festivals and the like are, of course, also great experiences. We will certainly let you know in time when there is something fun to do!

Enjoy these simple, yet unique and wonderfully relaxing experiences with us! Life doesn't have to be that complicated ... :)

Note: These activities take place irregularly, once every 7 to 10 days. It is therefore possible that you are just in time to participate, but it may also be the case that you just missed it ... 


Hiking, sledging, skiing/snowboarding, cross-county-skiing, snowshoe hiking and ski mountaineering...

experience the beautiful snow-white Slovak wintertime :) 

You can easily reach 6 of the well equipped skiresorts in 15-50 minutes drive.

Skiresort Jasna Chopok Lage tatra

Skiresort Jasna - Low Tatras

(30 km)

kralova hola fietsen winter.jpg

Fatbike rental at Kráľova hoľa

(45km, 1.10 min.)

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