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Practical information about travelling to/in Slovakia

  • Car headlights mandatory while driving, also during the day.

  • Vigneta. If you want to use the highways in SK you need to buy a vignette. These can be obtained online at You can buy this vignette in advance, and can enter the data yourself. There are weekly and monthly vignettes. If your car with trailer together weighs (or is allowed to weigh!) more than 3.5 tons (see car documents), you must also buy a separate vignette for the trailer. If you are already travelling, or if you do not have access to the internet, you can buy a "znamka" at any black and yellow Slovnaft petrol station. They need your car papers for this. Did you accidentally end up on the highway? When you buy a vignette the same day you can avoid a fine.

  • Campers more than 3500 kg. These are subject to the rules for trucks. Toll is levied via an electronic box, see the website (Campers> 3500 kilos and double-axle caravans unfortunately cannot stay at our campsite).

  • Calamities. If your car breaks down outside the urban area, all passengers must have a safety vest WITHIN REACH in the car. This must first be put on, then you can get out of the car.

  • In winter wintertires are mandatory. As soon as there is snow, they must be used.

  • Helmet duty on bicycle for children. This applies for children up to 15 years old. Every cyclist must have reflective straps on their clothing or on their bicycle. There are still few cycle paths in the region, they are a work in progress for now ... However, Slovakia is ideal for mountain biking, it is the national hobby! That is why there are over 1000 km of marked tracks in the region.

  • Many attractions (museums, caves, castles) are closed on Mondays.

Additional information:

Travel directions and camping details (handy to have with you on the way, ideal for the last part of the journey).


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